Writing is hard. 
We made it

Along with practical writing advice and personalised feedback, The Writing Lab helps you master the basics of effective written communications, whether it’s drafting a staff memo, writing a report, or creating your blog and sharing your experiences and knowledge.

The right stuff, 
about the
write stuff.

  • Free-writing

  • Understanding
    Creative writing

  • Storytelling — 
    framework & uses

  • Writing Process 
    how to start, when to stop?

  • Writing frameworks 

  • Mechanics & style
    of writing

  • Paragraphing technique 

  • Editing Thumb Rule — clean sentences, using vocabulary

What do you want to learn? 

We've never seen a writing challenge that can't be addressed. Tell us what you want to become better at, or a new challenge you want to overcome. We'll help you find the way.